Welcome to Exmouth Podiatry by Two Right Feet 

Exmouth Podiatry provides a range of professional local podiatry/chiropody treatments, we are located close to the town centre, with full disabled access and parking available.  We also provide home visits to the Exmouth area. 


What is a podiatrist 


A podiatrist is a medical professional devoted to the study and treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle and lower extremities. When your feet hurt, something is wrong. In this case we recommend that you visit a podiatrist, who will advise you on the best course of treatment. Foot problems can also be prevented before they occur by visiting a local podiatrist for advice on how to keep your feet healthy and in tip top condition


What can I expect from my first treatment?


At your initial consultation your medical history will be reviewed. Vascular and neurological tests will be carried out to check your circulation and sensation in your feet . Skin and nails will be checked. And we may also observe you walking and test foot strength and function. As well as helping to come to a diagnosis this will also identify any areas that may put your feet at risk of other complications.


We will discuss any expectations or concerns you may have and then put together a treatment plan.


Any minor problems that are picked up can usually be treated at this appointment, including nail cutting, calluses and corns.


What treatments are available?


  • Fungal nail treatments  


  • Nail surgery (ingrowing toenails)


  • Musculoskeletal assessments and custom made prescription orthotics


  • Routine treatments such as nail cutting, calluses and corns. 


  • Verruca