Nail surgery and ingrowing toenails

Ingrowing Nail Treament

Ingrowing toenails are a common condition seen in podiatry where the nail grows into the toe. The toe is often quite painful, sometimes red, swollen and if left untreated infection usually sets in.

Sometimes the offending section of the nail can be removed with conservative treatment but often returns when the nail grows back. Patients choosing this option may need ongoing treatment every 6 weeks.

A more permanent solution is to opt for nail surgery. Nail surgery is a minor procedure carried out in the clinic under local anaesthetic. A small section from the side of the nail that has been ingrowing is cut and removed. A chemical is then used to prevent that section from growing back.

The procedure takes less than an hour, a large dressing is applied and rest is advised for 48 hours. After which you can resume normal activities as long as they are not too high impact on the toe and you can keep the dressing dry.

A redressing appointment is usually scheduled for 2-5 days where the large dressing is replaced with a smaller one that should fit comfortably in your normal footwear. At this appointment you will also be shown how to look after and redress your toe and will also be issued with a dressing pack with everything you need to do this. All this is included in the price and if you feel you need to have the toe checked at any point during the healing process this is included too. Complete healing times can vary but expect about 4-6 weeks as a general guide.

The cost of nail surgery (which includes aftercare appointments) starts at £240 for one toe nail.

Ingrowing toenails