What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy involves using liquid nitrogen directly onto the verruca to destroy the lesion by freezing it.

What is involved?

An initial assessment is needed to determine which treatment is appropriate for your condition and also discuss the procedure with you and gain consent. 

A device is used to apply liquid nitrogen directly to the wart for 5–20 seconds depending on size and depth of the verruca. 

A small plaster is placed over lesion after treatment and aftercare advice will be provided.


Will the Treatment be Unpleasant Afterwards?

A blister may form 24 – 48 hours after beginning the cryotherapy. Blood may also collect beneath the skin, creating a blood blister, though this is necessary to aid in the removal of the verruca. If you are feeling worried before the next appointment, please give us a call and we will assess your progress.

What happens next?

We will see you again 14 days to review if the treatment has worked. If not we will repeat this treatment every 2 weeks. Some verrucas may need several treatments.


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